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Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research started operation with Hitachi PROBEAT-CR


On April 1st, 2019, Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research (“Nagamori Memorial Center”) located in Kyoto, Japan, began treating patients with proton therapy in a facility operated by Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (KPUM). This is the first two-room installation of Hitachi’s proton therapy system PROBEAT-CR, featuring the compact 360-degree full rotating gantry and Hitachi’s unique particle therapy technology for image-guided and -gated scanning proton beam delivery.

Kyoto Kyoto News Release RoomFor Nagamori Memorial Center, Hitachi provides comprehensive support services* for the proton therapy system and facility operation, thus enabling the staff of Nagamori Memorial Center to concentrate on medicine and to provide highly advanced, cutting-edge treatment.

As highly advanced medical equipment, the proton therapy system requires regular maintenance provided by Hitachi. And as the first proton therapy site in Kyoto prefecture, the KPUM team engaged Hitachi to support operational needs such as public awareness activities for the citizens and clinical alignment with the neighboring medical facilities to increase the prevalence of proton therapy in the region.

Hitachi’s inspiration comes from its customers and what they require to be successful. Beyond the supply of highly advanced technology, Hitachi offers a range of operational support and services to assure the business success of its customers’ proton therapy programs and make this cancer treatment available to more patients around the world.

Hitachi provides the next level of value in proton therapy operational success.

* Details of Services


  1. Operation and maintenance support for the proton therapy system
    In order to realize speedy system maintenance, a new maintenance framework will be established both at Nagamori Memorial Center and Hitachi, under which the daily operational support, planned system check-up or remote maintenance for the proton therapy system will also be executed.
  2. Facility operational support
    Collaborators in the partnership developed plans for outreach and site marketing that are now being deployed. Hitachi supports the marketing of Nagamori Memorial Center to raise public awareness, which include open-door informational seminars and advertising. Other outreach plans feature seminars for healthcare related parties in the local medical community and lectures related to proton therapy for insurance companies. In addition, Hitachi will collect and support analysis of the various data related to proton therapy operations and supply it to the staff of Nagamori Memorial Center as a source of information for continuous quality improvement in order to finely adjust the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment. Hitachi believes that these support services enhance smooth facility operation and the establishment of local alignment of medical care.


Hitachi PROBEAT-CR technology deployed in the Nagamori Memorial Center includes Real-time image Gated Proton Therapy (RGPT), Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for image guidance. PROBEAT-CR is currently in FDA 510(k) pending and scheduled to be in use in the US within 2019.