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Echelon Oval Case Study Review Videos by Dr. Pomeranz with ProScan Imaging

Stephen J. Pomeranz, M.D. shares his expertise as founder of ProScan Imaging by dictating patient scans done on the Echelon Oval. As a pioneer in MRI he gives the viewer a comprehensive review of anatomy and key Hitachi sequences on the 74cm Wide Bore 1.5T MR. Watch and learn!

Case Study Review of Cervical Spine

The case demonstrates C4-5 left compressive herniation of the protrusion type effacing the C5 root corresponding to the patient’s clinical cervical stinger syndrome.

Case Study Review of Knee

Check out this study of a 22-year-old American professional football player who sustained an injury.

Case Study Review of Lumbar

Hitachi’s isoFSE 3D sequence aids in the diagnosis of this patient’s lumbar spine in less than 15 minutes on the table.

Case Study Review of Wrist

74cm Wide Bore Oval allows for this athlete to have his wrist scanned at his side. Watch and listen to the wrist review of the athlete’s central TFC tear.

Case Study Review of Brain

Follow a complete MRI scan including high resolution images with 1.2mm slice thickness; diagnosing a 30 year patient Pseudotumor Cerebri.

Case Study Review of Abdomen

Patient being considered for transplantation who has cirrhotic liver disease imaged with quick breath holds on the Echelon Oval.

Case Study Review of Breast

Feet first imaging during a breast MR helps the women be comfortably imaged easing anxiety with a difficult diagnosis.

Case Study Review of Prostate

53 year old male with High PSA has a Diffusion Restricted lesion projected with exquistly anatomic detail using Intense b values.