Signal Intensity Ratio (SIR) Map

Carotid Plaque Characterization

Plaque can be visualized with many modalities, but only MRI can help distinguish and classify between different types of plaque. Treatment plans including stent placement, surgical endarterectomy, and drug therapy can be developed based on plaque composition.

Two unique Hitachi features come together to provide a novel method for characterizing carotid plaque. RADAR-SE eliminates TR variability associated with ECG gating, delivering consistent T1 contrast with motion compensation for improved visualization. Benefitting from the improved contrast consistency, SIR Map measures the signal intensity within the region of interest in comparison to adjacent muscle tissue, calculating an overall pixel intensity ratio. The pixel ratios are then classified as hyper-intense (hemorrhagic), moderate-intense (lipid), or iso-intense (fibrous), with hyper-intense plaque of particular importance due to its close association with ischemic events.