Ease of Use Features for Set-up and Scanning

A comprehensive suite of acquisition and processing tools for cardiac imaging including, double and Triple IR sequences to suppress blood and fat signal for high CNR black blood imaging enabling morphological assessment. Bright blood multi-slice/multiphase cine BASG acquisitions for high contrast, utilizing Navigator Echo for free breathing acquisition providing functional analysis. Delayed Enhancement and Dynamic Tissue Intensity pulse sequences are useful for the assessment of myocardial viability and infarction. High resolution 3D BASG with Fat Saturation utilizing ECG gating and Navigator Echo to reduce respiratory artifact aid in coronary artery depiction. Advanced visualization including ventricular diameter and stroke volume assessment are supported.

Two new features round out the Oasis comprehensive cardiac imaging suite. Retrospective gating captures the entire cardiac cycle in a single breath-hold, recording more data for visually clearer and more distinct images. Myocardial tagging (line or grid display) provides evaluation of wall motion and function.