Open Mid-Field MRI

Altaire’s superconducting 0.7T magnet and powerful subsystems provide many of the advanced capabilities found on lower tier 1.5T systems including parallel imaging, DWI, whole body RF fat sat, time resolved MRA and more.

This performance is coupled with Hitachi’s unique gantry design and large vertical opening, improved patient comfort and expanded clinical utility to Open MR.

  • 0.7T superconducting magnet increased field strength and signal
  • Higher Order Active Shim for high uniformity and consistent RF fat saturation
  • 22mT/m and 55T/m/s gradients for high resolution and fast scan times
  • High patient accessibility
    - Industry best 47cm vertical opening
    - 80cm wide patient table
    - 18” minimum table height
    - 500 lb weight capacity
  • Sentinel remote monitoring keeps your system available and optimized