Neurological Capabilities That Matter

Echelon Oval provides the essential acquisition and post processing tools for high-quality imaging of the brain and spine.

  • High resolution, motion compensated visualization of anatomical structures for obtaining detailed images of the brain and nerve tissues with All Around RADAR suite including RAPID-RADAR for the diagnosis of lesions and disorders
  • Fast and reproducible neurosvascular assessments with BSI, TOF and BeamSat TOF to evaluate blood vessels and blood flow
  • Physiological and quantitative analysis provided by DWI, DTI, DKI and Perfusion imaging that deliver insights into characteristic differences of normal and diseased tissue

All Around RADAR
Complete brain with motion compensation

Motion compensation combined with parallel imaging

Isotropic scans with high resolution reformats in any plane

Tensor Suite
Analyze diffusion rate and
direction of water

Diffusion Kurtosis
Visualization of crossing fibers

Dynamic contrast and non-contrast

Combined echoes for high signal and contrast resolution

Blood Sensitive Imaging
Susceptibility imaging

Chemical Shift Imaging
Metabolic analysis with spectroscopy