Musculoskeletal Capabilities That Matter

Taking advantage of the widest patient space for positioning closer to isocenter, Echelon Oval provides a flexible and robust platform for MSK imaging.

  • opFSE provides high clarity and sharp images with superb edge detail for all Fast Spin Echo acquisitions
  • Fast and effective metal artifact reduction techniques with primeFSE and FatSep
  • Isotropic volume imaging with isoFSE to visualize challenging structures
  • Multiple layer cartilage assessment with T2 Relax Map and microTE

primeFSE and primeFIR
Short acquisition metal artifact reduction

Comprehensive user selectable fat suppression

T2 RelaxMap
Comprehensive cartilage assessment

Exclusive cartilage analysis capability

Combined echoes for superb cartilage and fluid differentiation

All Around RADAR
Motion compensation in a variety of tissue contrasts

Isotropic scans with high resolution reformats in any plane