Body Capabilities That Matter

Echelon Oval delivers enhancements in dynamic, diffusion weighted, and motion compensated imaging to aid diagnosis in a breadth of applications including liver, kidney, prostate and breast.

  • Short breath-hold times with extended coverage for general body imaging
  • Extensive motion compensation techniques to reduce motion with the RADAR suite of sequences
  • TIGRE provides high temporal and spatial resolution with uniform fat suppression for dynamic imaging
  • Whole Body DWI for lesion detection

Free breathing fast motion suppression imaging

Dynamic imaging now with

Breast Imaging
Comprehensive suite now with spectroscopy

Four image contrasts in a short breath hold acquisition

Multi-Parametric Prostate
Full suite of tools for diagnostic and interventional imaging

T2* RelaxMap
Liver iron quantification

Dynamic motility studies for evaluation of peristalsis

Whole Body DWI
Head to toe Visualization

Simple non-invasive hepatobiliary evaluation