The Widest Wide-Bore in the Industry

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality.

Echelon Oval brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system – patient accessibility, workflow, and clinical capabilities all covered by Hitachi’s industry leading customer support.

  • The widest patient opening (74cm) of any 1.5T MR system
  • Workflow efficiencies at each stage of the exam with Hitachi’s Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT)
  • High quality, whole body imaging applications that matter most to your practice

Software Advancing Patient Care, Capabilities Advancing Your Practice

Evolution 6 is a robust software upgrade, offering over 30 new features and improvements to increase the performance of your Echelon Oval 1.5T platform. These new features allow your system the ability to remain at the forefront of technology. Operability and image quality improvements are included to help with overall workflow and system throughput. Evolution 6 introduces new options that add comfort, diagnostic breadth and insight to your portfolio of MR applications including Sound Reduction, Quantitative Mapping, Dynamic Imaging and more.

Advanced Metal Reduction with Hitachi’s isotropic voxel high resolution acquisition (isoFSE)

Brings quiet scanning for head to toe scanning

Multi-phase dynamic imaging in a single breath hold


RF System | WIT Monitor | Mobile Table | Digital Drive | Origin

The WIT architecture combines novel technology and software enhancements that deliver workflow efficiencies at each stage of the exam.

RF System

A 16 or 32 channel RF system with integrated Head and Body/Spine coils can be used individually or in combination with anterior coils for comprehensive neuro and body imaging.

Light-weight coil designs, multiple coil connection ports, and auto element selection all contribute to simplify patient positioning and extended coverage in head-first and feet-first imaging for all scans.

WIT Monitor

The WIT monitor on the face of the gantry provides patient information and assures gating integrity without repeated trips to the control room.

The technologist can view basic patient information, patient orientation, coil set-up and confirm gating functions are working properly all right at the gantry, reducing the technologist tasks prior to starting the scan.

Mobile Table

A key contributor to smooth workflow is Echelon Oval’s WIT Mobile Table - the widest available tabletop in 1.5T. Patients are prepped and comfortably positioned in the exam room as the technologist confirms patient and scan information. Translation…more completed scans done faster.

  • 63 cm wide – widest available
  • 550 lb. weight capacity
  • 20” minimum elevation
  • Elevation adjustable when detached

Digital Drive

Digital Drive DX provides analog to digital conversion of the RF signal right at the gantry with fiber optic transmission to the equipment room to reduce signal loss and noise pick-up. With the digital conversion in the scan room, the MR signals are isolated from the external noise sources, resulting in the highest possible signal to noise ratio.


Echelon Oval’s Vertex II computer and Origin MR operating software deliver seamless workflow from patient registration through post processing. The Clinical Study Library, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Intelligent Parameter Guidance, and Real-time Image Quality Calculator simplify acquisition planning for even the most complex examinations.


  • Simultaneous scan, reconstruction, and multi-tasked image processing
  • HIS/RIS Interoperability
  • DICOM and IHE (SWF-PIR) compliant
  • Automatic protocol selection
  • Intelligent parameter guidance
  • Real-time image quality calculator

Neurological | Musculoskeletal | Body | Vascular

Echelon Oval delivers the full spectrum of clinical capabilities. Our leadership in imaging techniques such as fat suppression, non-contrast MRA, and motion compensation combined with Hitachi exclusive capabilities ensure diagnostic confidence for even the most challenging patients.

Motion compensation combined with parallel imaging

Exclusive deep cartilage analysis capability

Non-contrast method for superb body MRA/MRV

Magnet | RF System | Gradient System | Siting


Echelon Oval’s 1.5T magnet features ultimate stability. Its design includes inherent shielding from magnetic fluctuations, high order active shimming technology (HOAST) applied per patient assuring exceptional magnetic field uniformity, and very low Helium boil off.

  • 1.5 Tesla superconducting
  • 50 x 50 x 50 cm FOV
  • Guaranteed Homogeneity
    - 0.5ppm @40cm DSV (Vrms)
  • Active magnetic shielding
  • Helium cryogen
  • Refill: Once every six years

RF System

Echelon Oval’s 16 or 32 channel RF receiver system manages multiple coil connection points on the table. The WIT RF coil system provides integrated coil arrays that can be used individually or in combination to give the operator maximum flexibility for positioning patients of all sizes.

Virtually all of Echelon Oval’s array, surface, and volumetric coils are multiple element designs for high signal uniformity, high SNR, and compatibility with RAPID™ parallel imaging for maximum clinical flexibility and image quality.

  • Two channel RF Transmit
  • 40 kW peak power (2 x 20)
  • Digital Receiver
    - 16 or 32 independent channels
    - A/D conversion on gantry with optical digital transmission
    - T/R body coil
  • WIT Integrated Arrays and dedicated anatomy coils

Gradient System

Echelon Oval’s standard 34 mT/m, 150 T/m/s gradients deliver the capability for rapid acquisition of high-resolution images. The high peak strength and fast slew rate allow the user to select short TE times, small FOV, thin slices and high matrices.

  • Peak amplitude: 34 mT/m
  • Peak slew rate: 150 T/m/s
  • Active shielding
  • Water cooling
  • Gradient noise reduction
    - Softsound™ sequences
    - Sound dampening


Echelon Oval’s design attributes make it accommodating to existing facilities and easily planned into new construction. As an acknowledged leader in imaging placements, Hitachi offers a wealth of site planning experience and a proven system for efficient siting, installation, and start-up.

  • 5 gauss line
    - Axial 4.0 m (13' 1")
    - Radial 2.5 m (8' 2")
  • Scan room size
    - 20’4” x 16’ 5” (Typical)
    - 19’7” x 13’2” (Minimum)