Hitachi CT Systems Have Broad Smart Dose Compliance

In 2013, The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA; published the “Smart Dose” Patient Safety Standard (NEMA Standard XR-29), that describes recommended radiation dose management features that CT’s should include.

  • Automatic X-ray Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Pre-loaded Pediatric & Adult Protocols
  • Dose Check controls (MITA XR-25)
  • DICOM Dose SR Reporting

In 2014, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS; ) adopted the Smart Dose Standard and informed CT Providers that scans performed with systems not meeting the Smart Dose Standard will be subject to reduced reimbursement; by 5% effective January 2016 and an additional 10% effective January 2017.

As part of Hitachi Medical Systems America’s (HMSA’s) unparalleled customer support program, in 2014 HMSA provided software upgrades to our customers, at no charge, to bring HMSA’s installed base of 16, 64 and 128-slice CT Systems into full MITA Smart Dose compliance.

The following Hitachi CT models are in compliance with the MITA Smart Dose Standard (XR-29):

  • Scenaria 64-slice
  • Scenaria 128-slice
  • Supria 16-slice
  • ECLOS 16-slice Systems operating at software level V2.11 or higher

In July 2015 HMSA will provide a Smart Dose Compliance Certificate with each new CT system delivery and Compliance Certificates will be available to HMSA customers, for their CT models listed above.


SCENARIA 128-Slice

* ECLOS 16-Slice

ECLOS software version V2.11 is pre-installed with all new deliveries and a free software upgrade offered to all earlier ECLOS deliveries that are covered by HMSA warranty or full Service Agreement.