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Single Room Solution


Hitachi is the world’s pioneer in proton therapy, first introducing Spot Scanning irradiation technology with our installation at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Continuing with our mission to better serve society, we are now introducing a dedicated single room proton therapy solution.

Hitachi is the only provider of synchrotron-based single room solutions, enabling a minimized footprint and optimized configuration. The resulting benefit is less shielding and additional safety against neutron exposure.

Hitachi’s single room solution enables wider therapeutic coverage in combination with a 360-degree rotating gantry for non-coplanar irradiation, a 30 x 40cm wide irradiation field size, and gating irradiation to compensate for tumor movement. All features are available from your Day One.

With the integrated image guidance workflow and highest uptime proven in the market, Hitachi offers higher patient throughput and lower power consumption with the single room solution, providing benefits for users from both clinical and economical perspectives.

Major specifications

Each technology described here needs appropriate approval/clearance/certification by regulatory authorities of each country/region prior to market entry or clinical use.